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Mouth & Night Guards

Custom-designed mouth guards are made of flexible plastic and molded to fit the shape of your teeth. Mouth guards are recommended to protect the jaw, tongue, cheek lining and teeth during physical activity and sports such as boxing, football, basketball, or other activities where your mouth might get hit. Guards generally last 3-10 years.


Custom-made oral appliances can also be used as part of treatment for conditions like sleep apnea and TMJ disorders. In general, plastic appliances can be used to correct a variety of problems.


If you are active in athletics or experiencing any concerning experiences with your mouth, teeth, or jaw, please let us know. If any kind of guard or appliance is a good option for you, we will take an impression of your teeth to create a custom-fit product for your specific needs.

If you often wake up with jaw pain, earaches or headaches, or if you find yourself clenching or grinding your teeth in the night, you may have a common condition called "bruxism." Many people do not even know that they grind their teeth when sleeping. If not corrected, bruxism can lead to broken teeth, cracked teeth or even tooth loss.


An easy, non-invasive treatment for bruxism is a night guard. Night guards prevent the wear and damage that teeth-grinding causes over time. Custom-made by Dr. Gutu from soft material to fit your teeth, you will use a night guard inserted over your top or bottom arch to prevent contact with the opposing teeth. Let us help you get a better night's rest with a night guard!


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